1993 Kimba logo
Kimba Theme, 1993
Written by Paul Zaza and Yvonne Murray

You can hear the 1993 theme song with this player.

The Lyrics:

Kimba, the white lion
He's the bravest little guy in the land
Kimba, the white lion
Lending all his jungle friends a helping hand
Whenever we get into trouble he's the one
Who does his best to teach us right from wrong
He doesn't like for us to fight with anyone
He wants his jungle friends to get along
'Cause he's Kimba, the white lion
And he's not afraid of anything
Kimba, the white lion
He's the bravest in the jungle, he's the king
He's the king! *squawk*
Kimba, the white lion...
That's me!
Kimba, the white lion...
He's my pal!
Kimba, the white lion...

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