Episodes released by CEL Entertainment on VHS in Australia.

Here, from the 1993 Kimba series, are the 8 episodes as released on 4 VHS tapes by CEL Entertainment. At this time I do not know of an online source to buy these tapes.

CEL 90693Catalog number 90693
Contains these episodes:
#1 - "Go White Lion"
#2 - "The Wind in the Desert"
CEL 90694Catalog number 90694
Contains these episodes:
#3 - "A Human Friend"
#4 - "Battle at Dead River" (real title: "Great Caesar's Ghost")
CEL 90695Catalog number 90695
Contains these episodes:
#5 - "A Friend Indeed" (real title: "Fair Game")
#6 - "Jungle Thief"
CEL 90696Catalog number 90696
Contains these episodes:
#7 - "The Trouble Maker" (real title: "Battle at Dead River")
#8 - "The Insect Invasion"

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