Note: The order of episodes in this book reflects NBC Films' decision to deliberately scramble the episodes, based on the brilliant idea that this would make each episode seem self-contained. The Kimba Ultra Edition DVD Box Set has restored the order of episodes to the original intent of the creators, making continuing plot elements and story arcs easier to follow.


Prod. #66 - 1

Caesar, the great white lion and king of the jungle, wanted all animals to live together peacefully. He would even release the villagers' cows and pigs so they could live freely in the Jungle. This angered the villagers, so they hired a hunter, Viper Snakely, to stop Caesar.

Snakely finally succeeds, also capturing Caesar's widow Snowene whom he plans to sell to a zoo. On the boat, in her cage, a baby lion is born to Snowene. It is Kimba.

When birds report the approach of a terrible storm, Kimba's mother tells her young son that he must jump from the ship and return to the jungle to carry on for his father. The young cub reluctantly obeys and dives into the ocean. Thus begins the many adventures of Kimba, the white lion.


Prod. #66 - 2

Drought and forest fires are gradually dwindling all the food supplies in the animals' jungle home. The jungle thief discovers the emergency supply and it is fast disappearing, too.

Kimba enlists the aid of all the animals to start their own farm so they may plan for their future needs as humans do. But the jungle thief takes their seeds and the animals can't stray from their home to search for more without being attacked by packs of wild dogs.

Kimba manages to save the day by finding seeds and planting the farm just before the rains come.


Prod. #66 - 3

The jungle is threatened by an epidemic of the dread Stony Mountain Speckled Fever. The only cure can be found from a tree at the top of a mountain, which only Pop Wooly, an old mountain sheep, knows about. He must lead Kimba there and the bark must be taken during the daylight hours, because hordes of lizards patrol the area at night.

Even at Pop Wooly's advanced age, he manages to lead Kimba to the tree on the mountain top and get enough of the herb to cure all the animals. Unfortunately, Pop Wooly himself contracts the disease in the process.

Now only Kimba knows the way to the tree. His "dangerous journey" includes bypassing a fallen bridge and a direct confrontation with the lizards before he is able to complete his mission.


Prod. #66 - 4

Samson, the water buffalo, does not go along with Kimba’s ideas that all animals should enjoy peace and freedom. In fact, he brings three mules he has stolen from the villagers and proposes that they become a feast for the wild animals. Kimba strongly disagrees but the other animals are bullied by Samson's size and strength and take sides against the white lion.

Dan'l Baboon, Bucky, and Pauley Cracker, however, decide they have to encourage their friend Kimba to stand up for his beliefs. Accordingly, they recapture the hide of Kimba's father, Caesar, from the hunter, and pretend to be his ghost.

Though their plan falls apart, Kimba gets the message and leads all the animals through a great adventure to a happy ending.


Prod. #66 - 5

Kimba plans to attend the Lion Convention held by a neighboring tribe of spotted lions. King Specklerex, the leader of the tribe, once knew Caesar, Kimba's father, and was jealous of his wisdom and strength; so he denies that Kimba with his white fur is even a lion and banishes him from his kingdom.

Kimba is plagued with doubts about the origin of the white lion. He thinks perhaps he is a pussy cat, but his human friend, Roger Ranger, tells him the historical background of his ancestors.

Eager to be friends with the spotted lions, he offers to fight their best warrior Fang, if King Specklerex will become educated to be a good leader should he win. He wins, of course.


Prod. #66 - 6

Because some animals are always fighting over food, Kimba decides -- along with Dan'l Baboon and Pauley Cracker -- that an animal restaurant would solve the problem. Dan'l is appointed manager but Pauley thinks he could do much better. Accordingly, he enlists the help of Bucky to open "Pauley’s Gourmet" to compete with "Dan'l's Diner".

There are many merry misadventures, but some of the bigger animals, like Kelly Funt and Boss Rhino, who do more than scoff at the idea -- they try to destroy the restaurant.

In the end, Kimba changes their attitudes, and Pauley and Dan'l join forces.


Prod. #66 - 7

Big-0, another mandrill baboon who had been beaten by Dan'l many years before, returns to get his revenge. Kimba tries to stop the battle because Dan'l Baboon is now too old and the fight would not be fair.

More determined than ever, Big-0 retreats but vows to wipe out all the animals in Kimba's kingdom so that he can take over. Big-0 uses his monkey followers to make a pipeline of hollow trees that will carry deadly sulfur gas into the jungle.

Kimba is captured by trickery but gets loose in time to take the villain to task, while Dan'l saves the other animals by a most ingenious method.


Prod. #66 - 8

Since Caesar, Kimba's father, left the jungle, the animals have been led by a cruel tyrant, Claw. Now Kimba finds his way home and the animals look to him for strength and leadership.

Kimba is not home for long before he is captured by a hunter, Graspen Grab, who sees a chance to make some money from the sale of the rare white lion. But Grab's associate, James Brawn, is actually a counterspy; he unmasks Grab's greedy plans and frees Kimba.

Having learned from Brawn that fighting is sometimes necessary to defend what is right, Kimba challenges Claw and wins the fight, so that he may try to lead the animals fairly as his father did.


Prod. #66 - 9

Kimba has convinced the meat eating animals to change to vegetables so that the smaller animals can live without fear of being attacked. They have all worked together to create a farm for growing their food. takes time for the crops to grow, and the animals are getting hungrier and hungrier.

Suddenly, the jungle is alerted to the news that a huge cloud of invading insects is sweeping down on them. Valiantly the animals fight to save their crops. They are partially successful but then they learn that the insects are returning.

Kimba's daring plan succeeds in capturing the entire invading force, and in so doing he saves not only the farm, but the future of his happy kingdom.


Prod. #66 - 10

In this episode Kimba incurs the wrath of Claw, a villainous lion who desires to rule the jungle, by rescuing Kitty -- a lovely little lioness -- who is on her way to the mountains to visit an uncle. So infuriated is Claw by the rescue that he decides the time has come to discredit Kimba completely as Prince of the Jungle by causing dissention among the animals and then stepping in as undisputed leader. Working through his henchman Cassius, the black leopard, and two hyenas, Claw places Kimba under such suspicion that his purpose is achieved -- there is disunity among the animals. Kimba goes out in the jungle to investigate and is captured by Cassius; his disappearance seems to prove his guilt. Kimba escapes and Kitty, meanwhile, confides to Pauley Cracker and Dan'l Baboon her suspicions that Kimba has been falsely accused and she goes off to offer herself to Claw in hopes that she might thus save her animal friends from further harm. Kimba returns, is told where Kitty has gone, and rushes to Dead River, Claw's rocky and forbidding lair. A great battle ensues -- right conquers might -- and order and peace are restored to the jungle. Kitty resumes her journey to the mountains and she and Kimba hope to meet again -- someday.


Prod. #66 - 11

Kimba, who is running a school for all the young animals, decides to hold a Spring Cleaning Day so they may learn to enjoy a sense of accomplishment. All the mothers agree to put their eggs together in a safe place during the cleanup.

Little Speedy Cheetah, who has never seen an egg, throws them all into the river in his zest for cleanliness. Can Kimba save the eggs floating down the river and the children who go to look for them near dangerous wild alligators?

He can and does. But can the mothers unscramble the eggs before they hatch? No, but birds of a feather flock together at the happy conclusion.


Prod. #66 - 12

This is the story of a very sad little chameleon named Newton (because chameleons are newts!). The reason he is so sad is because life in the jungle is just too much for him; from every direction, animals and elements seem to threaten his very life. As a defense he has taken to prevaricating -- in fact, he is the biggest little liar in the jungle.

Kimba feels sorry for Newton and promises to protect him. Lie builds upon lie, however, until all the animals are completely disgusted and refuse to believe anything Newton tells them. Naturally, when he tells them that Kimba is fighting off an attack of vicious wolves, they only laugh and refuse to go and help.

Kimba, Newton, and Gabu -- a delinquent teen-age hippo -- join forces to defeat the invading wolves. It is a changed and happy chameleon who takes his place among friends in the animal community of Kimba's Kingdom.


Prod. #66 - 13

Cassius -- the lean and hungry Black Panther and evil cohort of the vicious lion, Claw -- has a plan to destroy Kimba and take over his kingdom. He enlists the aid of an old partner in crime, Gypsy, an old owl whose knowledge of poison potions is unequaled.

Gypsy does indeed trick Kimba into taking her purple potion which puts him in a coma and his friends fear the worst. Undaunted by the threats of Claw and Cassius, Dan'l Baboon rallies the animals to rebuild their Tower of Honor for Kimba's father Caesar.

Such loyalty and spirit convince Gypsy that she was wrong. Using the greedy natures of the hyenas Tom and Tab, she tricks them into giving Kimba the antidote that revives him. Joy reigns supreme as the animals pay tribute to Kimba, as well as to the memory of his father, for having established a brotherhood among the animals.


Prod. #66 - 14

Roger and his friend Mary are lost in the jungle after a plane crash, and fear of the unknown sends Mary running hysterically into the jungle. She runs into Geraldine Giraffe. Each, more frightened than the other, goes running off in a panic, but Geraldine loses her footing and breaks her leg. Most of the animals assume that these humans are troublemakers -- while Kimba tries to reason with them. Seeing that Geraldine needs more help than the animals can give her, he goes off to seek these humans' aid for her. He meets Boss Rhino and learns that Rainbow Bridge is ready to collapse. Kimba must find some way to warn the people of the dangerous bridge regardless of the rhino's threats to avenge Geraldine's injury. When he comes to the fatal crossing he desperately tries to call out -- and with great effort his lion's roar sounds the word -- in human language -- "danger." ' Overcoming his awe of a talking lion, Roger pledges his friendship and aid for the injured giraffe. The animals are all eager to learn human talk too, to be able to speak with this new friend. Thus a school is born -- Kimba will teach the animals what he has learned. Boss Rhino is suspected of planning to smash the school -- but Kimba confronts him and convinces him that progress cannot be stopped. Roger Ranger decides to stay in the jungle and teach his new friends all he can.


Prod. #66 - 15

There's a "wild wildcat" Wiley loose in the jungle destroying Dan'l Baboon's Diner and picking on the other animals. Kimba decides to try to win him over to the responsible way of life by joining him in his escapades in order to gain his affection.

Kimba overhears one of Wiley's nightmares in which it's revealed that Wiley's mother was killed by human hunters; this has embittered him toward all man and animal kind. When human hunters arrive in the village, the animals decide to hide out -- to stay out of the village until the hunters move on peaceably. But Wiley breaks the rule, of course, causing the hunters to make war on the animals.

Kimba manages to rout the hunters only with the last-minute help of Wiley. Kimba proves again that love conquers all -- even the wildest of wild cats.


Prod. #66 - 16

There once was an ancient city where all the buildings were made of gold. Many years ago a great earthquake buried it and it was never seen again.

On an expedition to Twin Skull Cave by Kimba, Bucky, and the animal school, they learn that Tom and Tab are trapped in the cave from which no one has ever returned. Kimba must go after them.

Harrowing adventures befall Kimba in his quest to find a way out of the cave for Tom and Tab and himself, including the discovery of the City of Gold and a scuffle with two human fortune hunters, Gold and Rush. Only a new earthquake provides them with a fortuitous opening from the cave and the destruction of the City of Gold forever.


Prod. #66 - 17

Seymour Hart is a ranger on the huge reservation where people can come from all over the world to see the animals of Africa living in their element. But the ranger's job of protecting the animals has been made very difficult by the bands of poachers that attack the animals for fun and profit.

Kimba manages to save Seymour after he was badly wounded. Together with Dan'l Baboon, Bucky, and Pauley Cracker, they nurse him back to health and join him in tracking down the leader of the gang of outlaw hunters, called The Devil Man.

Bucky and Pauley let themselves get caught in order to find out where The Devil Man's hideout is. Pauley escapes, finds Kimba and the rangers, and the Last Poacher is downed.


Prod. #66 - 18

Viper Snakely, famed trapper, and his sidekick Tubby, masquerade as professors studying animal habits to gain the confidence of the animals and Roger Ranger. They invite the animals to a party, where all are fed sleeping potions in their soft drinks. Kimba, Dan'l Baboon, Pauley Cracker and Bucky are not at the party, and when Kimba tells them he recognizes the men as the hunters who trapped his parents, Caesar and Snowene, they encourage him to seek revenge. But Kimba has wisdom to know that revenge breeds trouble, and he resolves to work for peace in the jungle. When they find a hidden rifle and realize what has probably happened to their friends, they run to rescue the animals. Dan'l, Pauley and Bucky tire from running and Kimba must go on alone. On the way, he encounters the wily trapper, and when Kimba attacks him, Snakely's gun accidentally fires and he pretends that was a signal to harm the animals because he is in danger. The villain then jumps into his jeep and roars away, leaving Kimba thinking he has been the cause of harm to his friends.

Back at the camp, Snakely loads the animals onto trucks to take them to civilization where they can be sold. As the caravan crosses the plains, Samson and his buffaloes charge and defeat Snakely, rescuing the animals. After such a close call the animals go happily singing on their way home.


Prod. #66 - 19

One section of the Savanna in central Africa is called The Hunting Ground. Here hunters are allowed to pay a fee and hunt any of the animals. Their greed, however, has reduced the number of animals available. Tonga, the harsh mistress in charge of The Hunting Ground, decides to invade the adjoining jungle to get more animals, and especially their leader, Kimba.

Tonga sends a lion to trap a lion. The lioness she sends is Bella Donna, who proves to be as deadly as her name suggests. Kimba is caught, but Roger Ranger comes to the rescue and they manage to stop the invasion of Kimba's Kingdom. However, Roger and Kimba are nearly recaptured. They are saved by a miracle.

The miracle is that suddenly it starts to snow. Then the Magic Mystical Mountain appears, and from it comes a huge mammoth who scatters the adversaries and promises Kimba that some day they shall meet again. Kimba is left dumbfounded, but profoundly impressed.


Prod'. #66 - 20

Hippo Valley is a magic place! The well dried up because the Kurdus killed a stranger who drank from it without asking permission. They built statues to their gods and prayed, but to no avail, so they had to leave. Long after, an old hippo, in need of a drink, found that water had returned to the well. He brought all his hippos to live in the valley, and it became their sacred place. Now there was another drought, and when Kimba and the animals tried to divert the river through the valley for irrigation, they were opposed by the hippos -- and even Kimba was hesitant to disturb their sacred place. But Cassius, the leopard, quick to seize any opportunity to create and encourage dissension in order to get rid of Kimba, urges Tusker Hippo to dispose of Boss Hippo, hurt Kimba and thus make Claw the lion the undisputed Boss of the Jungle. Boss Hippo realizes that water for the entire jungle is more important than legends and helps Kimba and the animals divert the river through their valley. Magically, water starts flowing from the well -- the jungle is saved!


Prod. #66 - 21

Kimba is attempting to teach his schoolmates a lesson in tolerance. Rancid, the Reeky Bird, smells bad only because his diet consists mainly of stinkweed and he shouldn't be shunned by the other children because of it.

When Puffyadder, the "Magic Serpent", attempts to take over the jungle by casting a spell over all the animals, no one seems able to withstand his magic. Even Kimba can think of no way to rid the jungle of Puffyadder.

When Rancid tries once more to make friends in the jungle, his odor sends Puffyadder to the fresh air of another part of the jungle and Rancid's a hero. only then are the animal children ready to welcome Rancid; they've learned their lesson well that "you can't judge a book by its cover".


Prod. #66 - 22

The teachers and students of Kimba's school are off on a camping trip to Volcano Island. They make friends with the fish there and together they're making a playground when they're confronted by the mean Boss Rhino.

Boss Rhino insists that Volcano Island is for Cousin Rhino and his Missus to have their baby and to live there together peacefully. He threatens to break up the playground and ban the animals and fish forever. Kimba challenges Boss Rhino to a fight to decide the issue.

However, when the volcano erupts, Kimba and Boss Rhino combine forces to rescue Cousin, Missus and Baby Rhino from the island, thereby creating friendship once more among all the animals.


Prod. #66 - 23

Kimba thinks he has trouble trying to reason with an old cantankerous bald eagle named Clutch. His troubles really begin when he comes face to face with Flyger, the flying tiger. This monstrous animal is the result of Professor Madcap's experiments.

Because Flyger feels himself to be a freak of nature, he turns on his master and becomes the terror of the jungle. The madcap Professor Madcap promises to give Kimba wings to enable him to fight the Flyger. This would make Kimba the world's first Flyon, or flying lion.

Fate intervenes to keep Kimba from being altered. Though greatly disadvantaged, he beats Flyger, then convinces Madcap to take the wings away from the tiger and give the eagle back his flying nerve. Madcap realizes it's wrong to fly in the face of nature!


Prod. #66 - 24

Antelopes -- thousands of antelopes, hundreds of thousands of antelopes -- all running wildly to their doom. Such is the situation that faces Kimba. The advice that he receives is to do nothing, to let them go. Antelopes seem to lose all sense when they stampede, so they cannot be reasoned with. Why bother?

But Kimba cannot sit idly by. He must try. Then, just when the herd seems to be slowing down and returning to more normal behavior, without warning a part of the mountain gives way and crashes down. Panic seizes the antelopes and the stampede is on!

With tremendous effort, Kimba encourages the others to build a blockade. It works. Most of the antelopes are saved.


Prod. #66 - 25

While watching the sunset, Kimba and his friends see the Devil Wind cross the face of the sun: the sign of the Three Destroyers! They arrive, beat up Kimba and force the other animals to follow their orders. Dan'l Baboon takes the injured Kimba away to a hot sulfur spring to nurse his wounds. Dan'l is resigned: Kimba has met his match and lost; he decides that as soon as Kimba is well, they should all leave the jungle. But Pauley Cracker hasn't given up, and he is training Kimba in special tactics for a re-match. As the animals are trying to sneak away quietly, Pauley is captured as a hostage. Kimba knows the time has come for a confrontation and he rushes to his friend's aid and -- defeats the destroyers! Kimba offers the destroyers a chance to stay in the jungle -- if they obey the laws -- but they know it is no place for them, and they return to their barren desert. Peace is again restored to the Domain of the White Lion -- but -- justice is hard work.


Prod. #66 - 26

Benny is a cute little baby ostrich. Benny likes Kimba. In fact, Benny likes Kimba so much that he wants to be with Kimba all the time. The trouble with that is that Benny has a very jealous grandfather called Big Ben. What's more, when he is mad, Big Ben strikes!

The plot thickens when Kimba and his friends are attacked by a band of ferocious wolves and little Benny disappears. In truth, Benny goes for help. He brings his grandfather and a whole herd of ostriches that rout the wolves.

Thus, the troublemaker becomes a big little hero, and Grandpa agrees to let his son study with Kimba, even if it spoils his natural ignorance!


Prod. #66 - 27

Dan'l Baboon is wakened by a tremendous earthquake!... but none of the other animals feel it. Then Kimba too experiences the strange, extremely localized earth tremors. What could be causing it? Could it have anything to do with that flying saucer that crashed to earth the week before? Indeed, it does!

Even as the radiation from the crashed vehicle caused some plants to become gigantic, so too did it cause one of the grasshoppers that were trapped in the cave to become a thousand times its normal size.

Kimba is reluctant to destroy any life, but he realizes that such a monster would cause much destruction unless destroyed. Bravery, cunning and courage help Kimba to be victorious.


Prod. #66 - 28

Claw, the bad lion who has always wanted to rid the jungle of Kimba and be the king himself, has lured Kimba to the "deserted village" on the pretext that he wants to make up and be friends with him forever.

When Speedy Cheetah accompanies Kimba to the tryst, he finds Claw first and realizes that it's a trap. In his attempt to warn Kimba, he is hurt and is saved from a serious infection only through the help of some wealthy humans who are in Africa on a safari.

Kimba meets his sister Leona for the first time at a shrine in the "deserted village" where she's been protecting the ancestral hides ever since their father Caesar left. Kimba is able to save the shrine and his new-found human friends from the advances of Claw before he returns to his home.


Prod. #66 - 29

When Harold Heron disappears during a storm, his mother suspects foul play and accuses Clunker, the new Hippo. Many stories are told of Clunker's unsavory habit of bullying and most of the animals declare him guilty and deserving of punishment -- but Kimba insists that they have no real proof of his guilt. Undaunted, Kimba travels to the Toprungle Jungle to learn of the hippo's past. He finds that Clunker lost his tusks in a fight for supremacy with Boss Blackbrows -- but he also learns that the hippo is so frightened of thunder and lightning that he always runs and hides in a cave during a storm -- Hilda Heron has seen him do it. He returns home in time to prove Clunker innocent. Further proof arrives in the form of Harold himself -- the force of the storm had washed him downstream. The animals learn not to judge before all the facts are known, and Clunker learns that it is no shame to be afraid -- and silly to hide fear by bullying others.


Prod. #66 - 30

Mr. Pompous, Roger Ranger's uncle, has come to the jungle to convince Roger to return to civilization with him. He tells the Ranger that the animals won't be needing him any more, because the rules at the game preserve have been changed and the animals are no longer safe there.

When Kimba overhears Mr. Pompus say this, he decides to go to the game preserve and see for himself if the rumor is true. Yes, it seems it is. There is a hunting party there which has decided there are "too many elephants" and has promised to do away with them.

Though the king of the elephants, Packer Dermos, is a tyrant, Kimba tries to warn him to lead his herd away before they are exterminated. Packer refuses to listen, but Kimba is able to save a few of his elephant friends by overcoming the hunters. Mr. Pompous realizes the animals do need a human friend and allows the Ranger to stay with them.


Prod. #66 - 31

Dr. Mendel Spees, who is testing secret weapons on the animals in the jungle, has planted a narcissus which is designed to cause nightmares to anyone who smells it.

The success of the experiment is tremendous, causing Kimba and all his friends to have violent nightmares including serious fights among themselves.

A streak of lightning brings about the death of the flower and the end of the nightmares. But a seed from the original narcissus has produced another and the doctor realized that only static electricity can kill the flower which is creating the havoc in the jungle.

Kimba too has determined how to combat the "nightmare narcissus" and he and his friends are able to create the killing sparks by rubbing their fur together. Even the doctor is happy to see the animals safe again and in the future will raise flowers only for their beauty.


Prod. #66 - 32

When Kitty's Uncle Specklerex visits Kimba's jungle, the old spotted lion accuses Kimba of forgetting his wild heritage and becoming soft in this neat, clean and peaceful jungle. Kimba lets the old lion beat him at jumping and running; Specklerex is considerably miffed when he learns this and starts for home. On his way he sees Arthur Scotfree and his son, who are collecting specimens for a zoo. Old Specklerex tries to give them a scare -- and follows them to the city, where the people are hysterical because there is a lion in the streets. The old lion challenges a train to a fight, and ends up on the train with Kimba and Kitty driving a truck in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, Mr. Trailer the detective is in hot pursuit too -- of Mr. Scotfree who years before had committed a crime that Trailer had been blamed for. Mr. Scotfree captures Specklerex and cages him and they go aboard ship, but Kimba manages to rescue Specklerex. Because Mr. Scotfree is man enough to tell his son of his wrongdoings, Mr. Trailer conveniently "forgets" why he had been tracking his prey for so many years -- and the men learn to "forget" and forgive.


Prod. #66 - 33

Roger Ranger's Uncle Pompus finally catches up with his nephew and tries to talk him into returning to civilization. Roger is loathe to leave the jungle, especially when Kimba's Kingdom is under a vicious attack by Tonga, the girl in charge of the nearby Hunting Ground.

Both Roger and Pompus are struck with the similarity in looks of Tonga and Roger's old fiancee, Mary. Roger believed Mary had been lost in a landslide when he had first come to the jungle. Besides, Tonga was much more willful and vicious than his beloved Mary. This was obvious when she captured the two of them and put them in a cage.

In truth, however, Mary and Tonga were the same girl who had suffered a severe shock when she disappeared. An accidental bump on the head, returned her to her old self. Reunited, Roger and Mary join Pompus for the trip home, saying goodbye to Kimba and all his animal friends.


Prod.. #66 - 34

Two nasty and mean diamond smugglers -- Norbert Nasty and Manny Mean -- are passengers aboard a plane flying over Kimba's Kingdom. When a motor burns out, the captain throws out all personal luggage in an attempt to lighten the plane's load. One such piece of luggage contains millions of dollars' in smuggled diamonds.

Meanwhile, the boss of the river's alligators -- a very rough character named Gruff -- is being very stubborn about giving back some of the younger animals. When he comes across the bag of diamonds, he eats them -- the diamonds, not the younger animals. The younger animals are all saved by Kimba and Roger Ranger in a most unusual way.

Goodness triumphs over evil and all the villains -- animal and human -- see the error of their ways.


Prod. #66 - 35

Gargoyle G. Warthog is so ugly that he's sure that no one wants him around. He becomes a "runaway" even from his mother so that she’ll no longer have to look at him.

When Kimba and the other animals find him, they try to convince him that they are his friends and his mother loves him, and it's cowardly for him to run away. Wanting to show everybody that he's no coward, Gargoyle decides to take on Howler and his gang of troublemaking baboons single-handedly.

Kimba and his friends hurry after Gargoyle to help him. Together Kimba and Gargoyle rout the baboons by attacking them with a beehive. Gargoyle is reunited with his mother, assured by all that "handsome is as handsome does".


Prod. #66 - 36

The animals revolt -- especially those meat-eating animals who cannot continue to eat only vegetables and insects. The mean lion, Claw, and his black panther partner, Cassius, teach the young ones to enjoy the taste of meat and they too join the revolt against Kimba.

Meanwhile, an old friend of Roger Ranger's, by the name of Calvin Hottage, turns up in the jungle looking for the rare Tickle Chickle Tree. The blossom of that tree will provide the one ingredient Calvin needs to give the world the most wonderful meat substitute.

Kimba joins the search, succeeds, and saves not only the economy of the whole world, but the happiness of his animal kingdom!


Prod. #66 - 37

Silvertail, the old renegade lion, stumbles into Kimba's jungle asking for help. Kimba and Dan'l decide that if he promises not to attack weaker animals, they will hide him from the hunting party. But some of the other animals decide it is too dangerous -- Silvertail isn't worth the risk. Dan'l feels sure that the old lion will be safe in the sulfur caves -- from both the hunting party and the misguided animals -- but he is wrong. The hunters stumble onto the hiding place, but Kimba comes to the rescue. He and Dan'l get Silvertail out through an underground river, and by using camouflage techniques "brings the jungle" to the hunters. Confronting the men, Kimba asks that Silvertail be forgiven; he and his friends will make sure that he doesn't go hungry, so he will not be dangerous to them anymore. Silvertail stays in Kimba's jungle, no longer a renegade, just a tired old lion.


Prod. #66 - 38

Kimba and his friends decide to go to the beautiful, peaceful Valley of the Rainbow. To get there, however, they must pass through a part of the jungle where the elephants jealously guard their graveyard. Roger tries to get permission from Kelly Funt, the leader of the petulant pachyderms. Instead, he is captured and held prisoner.

In order to win Roger's release and get permission to go to the Valley of the Rainbow, Kimba and his friends must pass "the swamp test" -- swimming for ten days and nights in a murky pond. They accept the challenge.

As an inspiration, Kimba recounts his meeting with Roger and their early adventures together in which was formed a strong bond of friendship. To save such a friendship and such a friend is worth any sacrifice. Their determination is rewarded; Roger is saved, and they all go on to the beautiful, peaceful Valley of the Rainbow.


Prod. #66 - 39

Kimba has a dream that Kitty is in danger. He feels more worried when a picture of Kitty falls from a helicopter. Explaining his worries to Pauley, his condition is diagnosed as "palpitations of the heart." Even Pauley has had them -- when he met Pauline Parrot in the city and she convinced him to live in the jungle. In the midst of a human war in the jungle Pauline was lost to Pauley, and he has been looking for her ever since. Pauley tells Kimba to journey to Kitty's jungle just to make sure she is all right. When they arrive they find a group of humans making a movie, but the animals think they are hunters. The humans plan to start a fire and put Kitty in the middle of it for dramatic effect. But Kimba rescues Kitty, the rain puts out the fire and Kitty is safe. Kimba and Kitty -- who has palpitations too -- feel better when they see each other. Pauley finds Pauline -- and everybody is happy again.


Prod. #66 - 40

The animals in Kimba’s kingdom find a strange creature that they've never seen before. Kimba befriends him and learns that he's Floppo, a seal, who is a "Soldier of Fortune" off to see the world. Kimba has the wanderlust too, and wants to accompany Floppo on his travels.

Dan'l only allows Kimba to go if he takes Pauley, Boss Rhino, and Dodie along as protection. Since Floppo is an aquatic mammal, they must find water soon for him to survive. Their adventures on the way to the Indian Ocean are many, including a flight from a group of gorillas and a strange monster.

Finally they reach the Indian Ocean and Floppo decides to continue his journey by water and the other animals return to their jungle.


Prod. #66 - 41

When Kimba's sister Leona realizes that a storm might destroy her grandfathers' hides that she's been protecting for many years, she enlists Kimba's aid in moving them to another shrine. During the move Kimba, Leona and some helpful okapi are knocked into the rapids by four mean leopards and Kimba cautions them all to save their own skins and forget the hides.

Leona is furious with Kimba when she learns some of the hides are lost and scolds Kimba and sends him back to the village while she retrieves the hides alone. Kimba is scorned by his own villagers for leaving his sister during her time of need.

An eclipse occurs, which reminds Boss Rhino and the other animals of an old superstition: "You'll betray someone you love before the eclipse is done." Whether his help is wanted or not, Kimba resolves not to betray his sister and returns to save Leona and the ancestral hides from the four leopards in the nick of time.


Prod. #66 - 42

When a rash of forest fires hits the jungle, the animals are in great fear as to how to combat the "red menace". The fire has already destroyed Gullygap Valley where the surviving elephants are starving for lack of available food.

Kimba leads a group of his friends to the Valley and brings the elephants back to his part of the jungle where there's ample food. But Kelly Funt, leader of the elephants in Kimba's kingdom, is not so generous; he orders them to stop eating his food. Kimba and Peewee, a baby elephant from Gullygap, must find food for the starving herd and go searching at night. But Kelly finds them and holds them captive in a tower.

They escape from the tower only to find the fire threatening their area. Realizing that they were safe in the tower, the Gullygap elephants cooperate with Kimba’s friends in erecting a stone wall to the river separating them from the oncoming "red menace", thereby saving Kelly and his herd as well as the others. The contrite Kelly offers the Gullygappers food for their return to rebuild their valley.


Prod. #66 - 43

An amusement park, with all kinds of rides and games, is a lot of fun. Building such a park, however, is a lot of work. The work isn't made any easier when the project is opposed by Kimba's arch enemy, the vicious lion, Claw. To help Claw, as usual, are Cassius the black panther, and the sneaky hyenas Tom and Tab.

Though their tricks are many and their fighting ferocious, Kimba outsmarts and outfights them all. Claw recognizes that he has been beaten, but blames his defeat on his villainous friends. Before he leaves, he vows revenge, and tells Kimba to go ahead and destroy Cassius since the law of the jungle gives him that right. Kimba doesn't hold with such beastiality. Instead, he forgives Cassius, Tom and Tab, and agrees to protect them as long as they promise to amend their ways. They promise.....but will they?


Prod. #66 - 44

Claw has vowed revenge because Kimba turned that vicious lion's hunting ground into an amusement park. True to his word, Claw sabotages the roller coaster and Kimba is seriously hurt.

Meanwhile, the black panther, Cassius, and his buddies Tom and Tab, the hyenas, have joined Kimba's band and work very hard to improve the amusement park. They even build a theater and put on a revue. The purpose of the show, however, is to cause the other animals to rebel against Kimba.

When their scheme is discovered, the unholy threesome capture Kimba's girlfriend, Kitty, and deliver her to their boss, Claw. Needless to say, Kimba wins out in the end, but not without effort.


Prod. #66 - 45

Charlie and Harley Cheetah decide to investigate Petrified Valley. When Kimba arrives to rescue them he finds that they are paralyzed. What the animals had thought was the monster of the valley in reality is Colosso, the last survivor of a race of giant birds, the Brodos. Kimba decides to bring Colosso back to his jungle for safety. Alas, poor, clumsy Colosso has a terrible time adjusting to the jungle society -- he has lived alone all his life and doesn't know the importance of carrying his own weight (which is considerable). Many of the animals are so upset by his laziness that they demand he return to his valley so that they can live in peace. Over the objections of Kimba, Colosso begins his homeward journey and is lost in a landslide during a rainstorm. Colosso, the animals' giant friend, a creature of the past -- out of place and lonely -- was finally back where he wanted to be. At home in his own valley.


Prod. #66 - 46

Kimba is puzzled by the behavior of Speedy Cheetah, who is fighting with everyone, particularly Kimba. Speedy has heard that Caesar, Kimba's father, was responsible many years ago for the death of his grandfather, Quasimoto.

Kimba denies the story by telling Speedy that he knows that Quasimoto is still alive in Paris. He met him there when he was visiting the World's Fair with the Ranger, Mary and Mr. Pompos. In fact, they had quite an adventure together in Paris. Together they managed to escape capture from the Paris police.

Speedy still doesn't believe Kimba, but the problem is resolved when all of the animals decide to go to the Fair themselves to enjoy the sights and reunite Quasimoto and Speedy.


Prod. #66 - 47

When Kimba finds Dot, Dash and Dinky playing on this "thing made by humans", his curiosity forces him to climb aboard. During their investigation they touch something which sends them into flight. Not knowing that it is a balloon with a bomb attached belonging to a group of rebel soldiers who want to attack their peaceful neighbors, the Goonies, Kimba and his friends are enjoying their flight over Africa.

Eventually they land in a strange part of Africa and right into the home of old Jero Boam. While they are helping to rebuild his house, they learn that he is trying to maintain the farm until his grandson Half-pint returns. Half-pint has joined the rebel soldiers led by General Horsefly.

Kimba manages to find the rebel camp, land the balloon by biting holes in it before the soldiers are able to explode the bomb, and reunite Half-pint and Jero Boam.


Prod. #66 - 48

A monster from high up in the Atlas Mountains is terrifying a peaceful little village nestled in the valley by appearing in the middle of the night and stealing cattle. Kimba bravely sets out to find the monster and overcome him. Speedy Cheetah goes along.

When finally they reach the top of the mountain, they find only a charming mother bear, who is widowed and knows no other way to feed her little cub Teddy. Kimba cannot convince her that killing is wrong even if in so doing she is saving her baby.

However, Kimba is able to save both Mama and Teddy Bear from harm when they are attacked by a giant lizard. Then Mama agrees to mend her ways. The snow is falling and now they must hibernate for the winter in their cave, but when spring returns, Kimba promises to come back and teach them to farm.


Prod. 466 - 49

Dan'l receives a message from his old great-great-grand-uncle Scratch who has spent his entire life in the oldest and tallest tree in the world called the "sun tree". Uncle Scratch is ailing, and wants Dan'l to come to him and make him well.

After an arduous and exciting journey to the tree, Kimba and Dan'l find that Uncle Scratch used the message as a ruse to get them there. He's not sick but the sun tree is, and Scratch has faith that Dan'l can cure it. If not, Uncle Scratch just wants to die with the old tree.

Muffy, a young cousin of Dan'l's, resents their intrusion, because he's convinced the tree will die and wants all the animals living in it to save themselves by moving to a new home. Kimba agrees to a bargain with Muffy that he will give his life if he is unsuccessful in mending the tree with all the animals' help. Just as he is about to succeed, a monsoon comes and blows over the old sun tree. But Kimba's life is miraculously saved when a new sun tree emerges from the roots of the old.


Prod. #66 - 50

The jungle has been invaded by a monstrous spider with a giant appetite. It enmeshes the animals in its web and eventually eats them. Kimba manages to evade him by jumping into the water and swimming to his friends who are holed up in a cave. They are safe there from the spider, but will starve if they can't venture out for food.

When Kimba and Dan'l leave the cave in search of food, Kimba is bitten by a tsetse fly, which is particularly harmful to lions and Kimba immediately falls into a coma with a high fever. Dan'l realizes that spider wasps are the natural enemies of spiders as tsetse flies are to lions and leaves Harry Hedgehog to tend Kimba while he and the other animals search for spider wasps.

When a goodly supply of spider wasps are gathered, someone must lure the monstrous spider close enough so they can throw the wasps at him. But no one will volunteer.

Guess who recovers just in time to do the job! Kimba, of course. And the wasps do the rest.


Prod. #66 - 51

All the available young males of Kimba's Kingdom are completely captivated by the sudden return of Speedy Cheetah's older sister, Prancy. She had been captured the year before and taken as a pet to live in the city. Her owner knew, however, that Cheetahs are born free and should live free, and so she was returned to the jungle.

Now Prancy was quite grown up, and quite a lady -- soft spoken, delicate, and with definite style, grace, and good taste. It made Dan'l Baboon sick to see how the young bachelor animals bowed to her every wish. In fact, it caused quite a split, and even open hostility.

All were united, however, when they were attacked by an invading army of ants. Speedy nearly lost his life, but Kimba, at great risk, saved the youngster, and all was happy again. Except for Dan'l and Prancy -- they went on arguing.


Prod. #66 - 52

Kimba remembers one of the worst battles he ever had: the time when Tonga decided to have a hunting contest and brought to Africa three of the greatest hunters in the world. There was a brilliant scientist, a shoot-em-up cowboy, and a strong man from a circus. Each tried desperately to capture Kimba. And Tonga herself tried very hard to get that white lion.

Excitement and danger run high when the hunters' tricks are low. Kimba's stout heart, strength, and clever thinking make him a worthy catch who is never caught.

Perhaps, one day, there will be no hunter and no hunted. Kimba hopes so.

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