Episodes released by UAV on VHS tapes.

Here, from the 1993 Kimba series, are the 8 episodes as released on 4 VHS tapes by UAV. The link next to each description will allow you to order them from Amazon.com. These tapes carry the name "Kimba The Lion Prince", but only on the box; the shows still say "Kimba The White Lion". Amazon has these listed as "limited availability", which could mean they're not being made anymore. If you are looking for these tapes, write to me; I may have some used tapes available.

Lion Prince video 1Catalog number 1218 (plastic box) or 3533 (cardboard box)
Contains these episodes:
#1 - "The Legend of the Claw" (real title: "Go White Lion")
#2 - "The Wind in the Desert"
Lion Prince video 2Catalog number 1219 (plastic box) or 3534 (cardboard box)
Contains these episodes:
#4 - "River Battle" (real title: "Great Caesar's Ghost")
#3 - "A Human Friend"
Lion Prince video 3Catalog number 1220 (plastic box) or 3535 (cardboard box)
Contains these episodes:
#6 - "Jungle Thief"
#5 - "A Friend Indeed" (real title: "Fair Game")
Lion Prince video 4Catalog number 1221 (plastic box) or 3536 (cardboard box)
Contains these episodes:
#8 - "Insect Invasion"
#7 - "Troublemaker" (real title: "Battle at Dead River")

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