The original 1997 Jungle Emperor Leo soundtrack album on CD.

30 tracks of music written by Isao Tomita for the movie, Jungle Emperor Leo.

This CD is released and manufactured by BMG Japan.

You can get the movie on DVD here.

Jungle Emperor Leo soundtrack This is a Japanese CD; all tracks are instrumental. The book is in Japanese. Click each musical note below for a 30-second sample of certain tracks.
  1. Morning in the Jungle and the Birth of Rune and Rukiosample
  2. Ham-egg Goes to the City of Endigona
  3. The Secret of the Moonlight Stone
  4. Rune Wants to Fly through the Sky
  5. The Music Box Is Found at the Old Airplane
  6. Bizo, the Baby Elephant, and Rune Fight
  7. The Humans Ravage the Jungle
  8. Fire in the Jungle
  9. Leo's Angersample
  10. Rune Is Saved by Higeoyaji
  11. 1. Rune's Yearning for Human Society
    2. Rune Imagines the Human World
  12. Massive Flood in the Jungle
  13. 1. The Mammoth Appears Through the Mistsample
    2. The Mysterious Mount Moon Breaks Through the Clouds
  14. Circus Music
  15. Jacko the Rat
  16. Rune and Mary
  17. Fire at the Circus
  18. Leaving Mary
  19. The Plague Spreads Through the Jungle
  20. The Death of Riya
  21. Higeoyaji Saves the Animals
  22. Leo's Decision to Go to Mount Moon
  23. The Expedition to Mount Moon
  24. Difficult Going
  25. The Wolves Attack
  26. Approaching the Summit of the Mountain
  27. The Moonlight Stone Found
  28. Leo and Higeoyaji Rest at Last
  29. Leo's Sublime Death
  30. Higeoyaji Meets Rune Riding on a Raft, and End Titlessample

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