Click here for the full list. All are genuine, most are vintage and one-of-a-kind!
There's also Kimba cels, artwork, manga, and much more!
Also, the entire Kimba The White Lion TV series RESTORED on DVD!

Here are some great links. All were verified functional on 21 July 2010.

Links for Kimba Collectibles, DVDs, and more.
Links about Kimba The White Lion.
Links for Isao Tomita, soundtrack composer.
Links for real-life lions and other animals.
Other sites I have created.

Kimba COLLECTIBLES, DVDs, and more!
The White Lion Shop has ALL of the ORIGINAL Kimba TV episodes, the sequel TV series, and the movie, all on DVD. Plus, Kimba Collectibles! Original Kimba production cels! Kimba Manga, Kimba CDs, Kimba collectibles, and much more!
Kimba and Kitty clothing in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.

Kimba and Kitty T-shirts and some other interesting items, too.

Inukuma has some very beautiful, large plastic figures of Kimba and Kitty. Somewhat pricey, and the site is all in Japanese. If I knew how to read Japanese, I could tell you more.

Kimba - History, Opinion, Fans, and Files

This link will take you to the subscription page of the Kimba group hosted on Yahoo. It is nice to get together with other Kimba fans.

CroKimba has a growing and very informative site, with a history of Kimba around the world and archived versions of lost Kimba web pages--very helpful.

Arslan's Links: "Kimba the white lion" and "Lion king"

Osamu Tezuka: "the Father of Manga"

Mike's Kimba The White Lion Page

Glen Johnson's Kimba page

Jungle Taitei Leo (Jungle Emperor Leo)

EX Magazine: Jungle Taitei

Kimba the White Lion (Jungle Emperor) (has original Japanese air dates)

A positive review of the Pioneer "New Adventures of Kimba" tapes.

Kimba, der weisse Löwe (Kimba in Germany)

Animation World: Fred Ladd--An Interview

Which Is The Real Kimba? - by Fred Patten

Absolute Anime: Kimba the White Lion

TEZUKA OSAMU WORLD: The official mother lode of all things Tezuka. (All in Japanese.)

Tezuka's "Jungle King" and Disney's "Lion King"

Excerpt from Frederik L. Schodt's book "Dreamland Japan", dealing with Kimba and The Lion King.

Cecil Adams looks at Disney, and talks to the wrong animator.

Robin Pen delivers the most eloquent essay on the Disney issue.

Siebu Lions


The Anime Café - Tezuka, Osamu

Kimba's "Cousin", Unico- Da incredibly Cute, Cuddly, near extinct Unicorn

Tomita wrote the original music for the Kimba TV series, and conducted the Japan Philharmonic for the soundtrack recording sessions. He is most famous for his richly layered electronic music recordings.

The Tomita discussion group has been moved to a new site. Come join in and start a discussion!

Isao Tomita

Isao Tomita CDs and DVDs for sale at CDJapan.


Lions and other animals

This is an eclectic collection of links. There are some really rewarding ones in here!

Christian the Lion Christian the Lion, the true story of one of the greatest animals ever.

WildlifeNOW John Rendall, one of Christian's original owners, recommends WildlifeNOW for those who wish to donate to continue Christian's legacy. For those outside the US, the same charity can be reached at The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust. They are hoping to raise funds to restore the Kora preserve, where Christian was rehabilitated.

TigerTouch TigerTouch, devoted to finding new options and approaches to preserving exotic cats.

Gareth Patterson, the Lion Man of Africa. Be sure to check out the Poetry and Art Print links.

T&D's Cats of the World. Easily the biggest and best animal sanctuary I have visited to date. All their animals are very happy and well cared for. It's wonderful to just sit and listen to the lions rumble happily as they snooze.

In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center. Wonderful people giving a wonderful home to the animals. I visited them before they got their two lions, but their tigers were just bursting with joy--it was beautiful to see them so happy.

Valley of the Kings Exotics Sanctuary. Some of my dearest animal friends have been residents there. Father of Lions, a web site about George Adamson.

Adopt Me

America's Teaching Zoo

Angel Animals -- Home Page

Big cats (and other wild cats) generally

Big Cat Rescue Organizations and Private Facilities

Cat Tales

Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo

Cougar Hill Web

Electronic Zoo / NetVet - Cat Page

Electronic Zoo/NetVet - Animal Image Collection Page

Exotic Feline Rescue Center

Jungle Eyes - Endangered Wildcat Refuge

Keepers of the Wild - Las Vegas

Kingdom of Lions

The Feline Conservation Federation

Lion Research

Catfolk Species Accounts: African lion (Panthera leo)

Loony Laws about Animals

The MalaMala CyberDiary

NAPA - Exotic Laws/Legislation/Political Links

Paradise Wildlife Park

Performing Animal Welfare Society

Phoenix Exotic Wildlife Association is a group of private owners from all across America which includes individuals, sanctuaries and breeders.

Priderock Wildlife Refuge in Texas.

Animals and Society Institute (formerly PSYETA)

The Shambala Preserve

Thunderhawk Enterprises, Inc. - Big Cat Rescue

Tiger Haven

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge - Home Page

UiO Cat Archive

Unusual Careers Part One

Veterinary Information for Cats and Dogs

Veterinary Medicine Libraries

Wild About Cats

WAC 1999 Africa Trip

Wildlife Waystation - Welcome

Other sites I have created

Westminster, an image gallery of the offbeat cover art of the classical record label of the 1970s, and a discography of all their releases., a site that is definitely not yet ready for prime time, but you can preview what I hope will become a useful resource on this "lost" Tezuka TV series.

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