This list presents the episode titles in what appears to be the sequence originally intended by Tezuka. The original NBC episode numbers are given in parentheses. The NBC numbers are the same numbers used by The Right Stuf in making their VHS tapes, so Right Stuf's "Volume" numbers are given as well, to make it easy for you to locate each episode on tape.]

1. GO, WHITE LION! Death of Caesar; Kimba's birth. (#1; Vol.1)

2. THE WIND IN THE DESERT. Kimba returns to jungle, meets other animals, learns to fight via adventure with secret agent. (#8; Vol.2)

3. A HUMAN FRIEND. Roger Ranger comes to the jungle and the animals learn to talk. (#14; Vol.4)

4. GREAT CAESAR'S GHOST. Samson Buffalo challenges authority. (#4; Vol.1)

5. FAIR GAME. Speedy's grandpa Quasimoto; flashback to Kimba with Roger & Mr. Pompus in Paris. (#46; Vol.12)

6. JUNGLE THIEF. Starting the farm; Henrietta River-hog. (#2; Vol.1)

7. BATTLE AT DEAD RIVER. meets Kitty; beats Claw. (#10; Vol.3)

8. THE INSECT INVASION. Farm begins to grow; grasshoppers become food for carnivores. (#9; Vol.3)

9. THE FLYING TIGER. Clutch Eagle; Prof. Madcap & the Flyger. (#23; Vol.6)

10. TWO HEARTS AND TWO MINDS. Pauley & Pauline; Kimba gets strong feelings for Kitty. (#39; Vol.10)

11. CATCH 'EM IF YOU CAN. Tonga's hunting contest. (#52; Vol.13)

12. THE HUNTING GROUND. Tonga & hunters' compound; introducing Mt. Moon & mammoth. (#19; Vol.5)

13. THE TRAPPERS. Viper Snakely returns; jungle serenade. (#18; Vol.5)

14. JOURNEY INTO TIME. SpeckleRex & Lion Convention; history of white lions. (#5; Vol.2)

15. SCRAMBLED EGGS. Spring cleaning. (#11; Vol.3)

16. DIAMONDS IN THE GRUFF. Diamonds & alligators; Roger helps save youngsters. (#34; Vol.9)

17. THE MAGIC SERPENT. Rancid Reekybird; Puffy Adder & the evil eye. (#21; Vol.6)

18. THE RUNAWAY. Gargoyle G. Warthog; Animal of the Year Award. (#35; Vol.9)

19. THE MYSTERY OF THE DESERTED VILLAGE. Claw tries ruse; introduction of Leona. (#28; Vol.7)

20. RESTAURANT TROUBLE. Starting the restaurant; opposition to Kimba's ideas. (#6; Vol.2)

21. THE BAD BABOON. Big-0; Kimba protects Dan'l. (#7; Vol.2)

22. DANGEROUS JOURNEY. Pop Wooly & Stony Mountain Speckled Fever epidemic. (#3; Vol.1)

23. THE GIGANTIC GRASSHOPPER. Kimba forced to kill; learns it's sometimes necessary. (#27; Vol.7)

24. GYPSY'S PURPLE POTION. Gypsy Owl; Tower of Honor. (#13; Vol.4)

25. TOO MANY ELEPHANTS. Mr. Pompus attempts to get Roger to leave jungle. (#30; Vol.8)

26. THE REVOLTING DEVELOPMENT. Meat substitute; food for carnivores solved. (#36; Vol.9)

27. CHAMELEON WHO CRIED WOLF. Newton the liar. (#12; Vol.3)

28. THE WILD WILDCAT. Intro. Wiley Wildcat. (#15; Vol.4)

29. THE NIGHTMARE NARCISSUS. Mad scientist and plant with psychoactive power. (#31; Vol.8)

30. ADVENTURE IN THE CITY. Kitty & Uncle SpeckleRex; Scott Free; Mr. Trailer. (#32; Vol.8)

31. CITY OF GOLD. Goldopolis; Granddaddy Turtle. (#16; Vol.4)

32. THE LAST POACHER. Seymour Hart; Kimba battles the Devil Man poacher. (#17; Vol.5)

33. JUNGLE JUSTICE. Clunker Hippo's trial. (#29; Vol.8)

34. JUNGLE FUN. Starting amusement park. (#43; Vol.11)

35. THE PRETENDERS. Finishing the amusement park; Claw attempts takeover. (#44; Vol.11)

36. MONSTER OF PETRIFIED VALLEY. Colosso Brodo bird. (#45; Vol.12)

37. LEGEND OF HIPPO VALLEY. Another Claw ruse; irrigating the farm; Boss Hippo. (#20; Vol.5)

38. VOLCANO ISLAND. Aiding newborn rhino. (#22; Vol.6)

39. RUNNING WILD. Antelope stampede; saving the farm. (#24; Vol.6)

40. THE TROUBLEMAKER. Benny Ostrich. (#26; Vol.7)

41. DESTROYERS FROM THE DESERT. The 3 destroyers. (#25; Vol.7)

42. THE BALLOON THAT BLOWS UP. Runaway balloon with Kimba and others. (#47; Vol.12)

43. MONSTER OF THE MOUNTAIN. Bears; Kimba called for aid outside his kingdom. (#48; Vol.12)

44. A FRIEND IN DEED. Kelly Funt gives trouble; Kimba tells how he first met Roger. (#38; Vol.10)

45. SUCH SWEET SORROW. Tonga's end; 2nd mammoth appearance; Roger leaves jungle. (#33; Vol.9)

46. THE RETURN OF FANCY PRANCY. Speedy Cheetah's sister is returned to her home. (#51; Vol.13)

47. THE COBWEB CAPER. Giant spider. (#50; Vol.13)

48. THE RED MENACE. Forest fire; Peewee Elephant; Kelly Funt becomes friend. (#42; Vol.11)

49. THE SUN TREE. Uncle Scratch Baboon & Muffy. (#49; Vol.13)

50. SOLDIER OF FORTUNE. Floppo the seal. (#40; Vol.10)

51. THE DAY THE SUN WENT OUT. Leona and the hides. (#41; Vol.11)

52. SILVERTAIL THE RENEGADE. Kimba's jungle as refuge from human hunters. (#37; Vol.10)

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