Good News!
A restoration of the lost version of the first episode has been made...

The first Kimba episode exists in two versions. I mean with the actors we know and love, including Billie Lou Watt as Kimba. There are some fascinating differences in the dialog, different accents for some of the characters... they were whole different productions. Until now, one has been completely lost.

A restoration effort to find and make available this lost version has been completed. Click here to read about it and get your own copy.

What's different in the lost version?

Many Kimba fans feel is the "real" and best version of this episode. There are many differences in the voice characterizations and the script. But the biggest reason why this version is so important comes in the scene when Snowene appears in the stars. It has a mighty big addition to what everyone considers the defining scene of the entire Kimba series:

In the common version, Snowene appears outlined in the stars and says,
"White lion prince, so soft and furry,
swim to the shore, don't you worry,
someone watches, whatever you may do."

Kimba shouts "Mother!" and the rest of the scene is music.

But this lost version has much more to his mother's message:
"So keep on pushing on to another day.
Though the night is dark and long,
You can find the way.
Dawn brings you wings to fly on,
Wings that you can rely on.
Kimba, my little brave white lion."

The Lost Episode also has an unusual instrumental theme song.

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