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What I try to say through my works is simple:
"Love all creatures! Love everything that has life!"

                                                --Osamu Tezuka, creator of Kimba

"My first love was Kimba the white lion.

When I was a little girl, I thought I would grow up and marry Kimba."

-- said by quite a large number of women

Billie Lou Watt

When they saw our dubs back in Japan they were very happy. Actually, we were told they flipped!

--Billie Lou Watt
Original English Voice of Kimba
Click here to read an interview with Ms. Watt

Tezuka's clever [animation] techniques could be
downright poetic at times...
the [Kimba] show was more mature
than the standard Saturday morning fare.

--Joseph Jon Lanthier writing in Slant magazine.

Last night, by my front door, my box of books
arrived from Amazon...
[including] 'Kimba the White Lion', a video whose script formed 
the basis for The Lion King. 
(Okay, one of the books is a video. I lied. Book 
me.) My son's books 
don't know the first 
thing about morality. But Kimba does. He was the first 
creature I wanted to be other than myself, long before books 
gave me Charlotte in her Web.... Kimba showed me the fist 
was not the mightiest organ. Rather the brain, barely larger 
than a fist, 
can be subtler and more effective. 
                                        --Jenny Factor, poet

There is an animated program that I have the highest respect for: a show that I admire without reservation; an irrational, but justifiable, love for a 60s animated series by Osuma Tesuka...
Kimba The White Lion.
I do not exaggerate or make fun when I express my personal and sincere judgment that Kimba The White Lion is
one of the very best programs produced for television and
one of the best things that can happen to a kid.

--Robin Pen writing in Eidolon magazine.

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