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Kimba Theme, 1966
Written by...
     Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, Florence Kaye
Sung by...
     Bill Giant

You can hear the theme song with this player.
The Lyrics:
Kimba   (Kimba)   Kimba   (Kimba)   Kimba   (Kimba)   Kimba   (Kimba)
Who lives down in deepest darkest Africa?
Who's the one who brought the jungle fame?
Who's the king of animals in Africa?
Kimba the white lion is his name!
When we get in trouble and we're in a fight
Who's the one who just won't turn and run?
Who believes in doing good and doing right?
Kimba the white lion is the one!
He's the greatest leader, there's no doubt of it.
He's the one we count on night and day.
When there's danger he can get us out of it--
Kimba the white lion leads the way!
Wait a minute... The Kimba theme only had two verses. Where did that extra verse come from? From the OTHER theme song for Kimba! In the U.S., we were familiar with loud and bouncy theme music with the words from the first two verses above. But there was another English theme, in which the music was a bit gentler and more bubbly, that featured the first and third verses quoted above. If you watched Kimba outside the U.S., you may be familiar with this version. (Although it did occasionally get heard in the U.S. as well.)

You can hear the alternate 1966 theme song with this player.

Both these Kimba themes were sung by Bill Giant, who was also one of the song's writers. The songwriting trio of Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, and Florence Kaye had an impressive list of credits; for example, they were responsible for a large number of songs recorded by Elvis Presley. Most of these were movie tunes; their biggest hit for him was "(You're The) Devil In Disguise".

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