Jungle Emperor 1989 -
The New Adventures of Kimba

After reading my introduction to this series, it may seem that it is not a huge loss that for English-speaking audiences Pioneer Family Entertainment completely destroyed what Tezuka Productions had made. But, the spirit of Kimba was still somewhat in evidence in the first few episodes. One of the best episodes was the second, titled "Promise". This episode shows Kimba's character and intelligence; it also shows the dual nature of humans' interaction with animals. This episode was completely omitted from the English-dubbed videos. I believe it was left out because in this country some people consider it "unacceptable" to show positive interaction between people and so-called "wild" animals. I also believe people should have the opportunity to see this episode.

Episode Two: Promise

The story in dialog and selected pictures

Episode One told the familiar story of Kimba's birth. It ended right after the storm that sank the ship.
scene 1Kimba: Mother!scene 1
Morning breaks; Kimba is still adrift, clinging to a piece of wood. Kuttah, one of the hunting party who killed Kimba's father and trapped his mother, happens by on a life raft.

Kuttah: Seems I haven't used up all my luck yet! Yes it's alive! Can't let the precious treasure die, can I?
Kuttah arrives
Kuttah and KimbaKuttah: It's a wonder that we're both alive. You must have been having one hell of a time being tossed around. That storm was terrible. Poor you, your mother sank with the ship. Not that you'd understand anything I tell you, right? What are we going to do now...Eh?
Kuttah: Hey-- wait! Watch out! You better not be trying to run away! God what are you doing! Do you want to be thrown into the sea again??scene 2
savedA ship comes into sight.

Kuttah: Hey we're saved! Hey! Hey!
Kuttah and Kimba are spotted and taken aboard the ship.

Man: Please wait. What is that?
Kuttah: Ah well...it's my cat you see...
Man: I'm a quarantine officer. I can tell the difference between a cat and a lion in an instant.
Kuttah: What? This is a lion cub?
Man 2: Oh this is the person who was drifting in the ocean.
Man 3: You are Kuttah!
Man 2: You know him?
Man 3: Of course! It's international smuggler and broker, Kuttah.
Man: What???
Kuttah: Ah see, I haven't done anything... well, my ship was wrecked and...
Man 3: Yes, Mr. Kuttah, let's hear your story.
curiousWhile Kuttah's story is spun, Kimba is curious about Kuttah's watch.
Some time later...

Man 2: Oh Ban Sensei, thank you for coming.
Ban: I was fishing when I heard there was a radio message from your ship so I came home quickly. So, where's the victim of the shipwreck?
Man 2: This way.
Ban: What's this cat?
Man 3: It's not a cat. It's a lion.
Ban: A lion??
Dr. Ban
Kenichi and BanKenichi: It's cute! Oh uncle, I wish we could take it home and keep it!
Ban: Kenichi! Don't say stupid things!
Man 3: Actually it seems to be very weak. Would you examine it?
Ban: Absolutely not! I'm not a vet!
Kenichi: But uncle!
Ban: Be quiet!
Man 2: Sensei, this lion was rescued while drifting in the ocean. That means it's a shipwreck victim too.
Kenichi: Uncle, please!
Ban: You want me to examine a lion cub?
Kenichi: But, if you just leave it and it dies that's horrible!
Ban: God, this is unheard of!
A little time later, back on land in a government office...

Man: Until we know what to do with it we want you to keep it, Dr. Ban.
Ban: No way! Aren't you supposed to place it somewhere appropriate?
Man: Yes, but it's an unprecedented situation. It's not an import item, nor a smuggled item, nor is there a stolen goods report out on it. We cannot handle it at this department.
Kenichi: So we can keep it our house?
Ban: Kenichi!
Kenichi: Uncle, why not since it's only until they know what to do with it?
Man: I beg of you.
Ban: Oh brother. I can't believe this.

button It is now 6 months later...

At the home of Dr. Ban and Kenichi, Kimba, by watching with great interest, has just learned to control Kenichi's electric trains.

Kenichi: Good for you, Shiro! ['Shiro' is Japanese for 'white']
Ban [on the phone]: It's been six months! What do you mean you still don't know what to do? It's getting too big, I feel like I'm going to be eaten before you guys decide!
Kenichi: Uncle, look at Shiro!
Ban: It's not possible!
streetThe scene changes to Kenichi and Kimba on a street in town.

Girl: Wow, a white lion!
Girl 2: You mean a white cat!
Kenichi: Today we're not in the usual town, so you can't wander around!
Kimba thinks: This smell, it's different from the smell of a human!
Kenichi: Oh I get it, you want to go inside the zoo!
elephantKimba thinks: Wow, it's big!
Dad: Hey, this didn't escape from a cage did it?
Mom: There's no way something like that would happen!
Kimba thinks: What's over that way?
Kenichi [noticing Kimba's gaze]: Oh, when they finish that subway, it will be a nonstop route from the harbor!
lionKimba thinks: Huh? This smell... it's...
Kenichi: Hey, Shiro!
Kimba [running off] thinks: It's kind of like Mother's smell!
Old Lion: You're a lion cub!
Kimba: That's right! My name's Kimba!
Old Lion: Where did you come from?
Kimba: I came from the ocean!
Panther: There aren't lions in the ocean!
Old Lion: Don't get near those thugs! It's the black panther brothers.
Kimba: Black panthers?
Old Lion: The one in the middle is the oldest, Duo. Then to the right of him is Zobia, and to the left is the youngest Balibo. They're all violent.
Balibo: You blabby old lion! Be quiet!
panthersDuo: Kid, you say you came from the ocean?
Kimba: I'm not a kid, I'm Kimba!
Zobia: Heh, looks like a headstrong little kid!
Kimba: I was born on a ship. But mother told me to go back to the jungle, so I swam in the ocean and got here.
Duo: You swam in the ocean?
Balibo: It's gotta be a made up story.
Kimba: It's true!!
Duo: Then... you don't know the jungle.
Balibo: If you let us out we'll take you there!
Kimba: What? If I let you out??
Balibo: Yeah.
Zobia: Stop teasing the kid.
Kimba: Okay, then I'll try. I'm Panja's son, and Father could do anything!
Old Lion: Panja's son??
Kimba: You know my father?
Old Lion: I've never met him, but I've heard the rumor that a brave white lion named Panja lives in the jungle.
Kimba: That's got to be my father!
planKimba: Everyone's gathered that way looking at something big, so if you want to escape do it now!
Balibo: Don't say stupid things you brat.
Kimba: It's okay. Just wait!
Balibo: A door we can't open could never be opened by such a small kid, you know?
Duo: Definitely.
Kimba runs around to the back. He observes a keeper leaving a cage, who opens and closes the electric door with a switch.keeper
switchKimba goes to the panthers' cage and presses the button to open the door.
Kimba: Now, come on.
Duo: You did it kid!
Old Lion: You won't be able to escape.
Duo: Shut up, old man!
Kimba: Mister! Mister, I'll open your cage right now too!
oldOld Lion: No, I'm already too old. I could never run all the way to the savanna.
Duo: Hurry!
Kimba: But sir...
Old Lion: I won't go. It's better to keep dreams as dreams.
Kimba: Mister! I am going!
Old Lion: If I was younger too...
Balibo: Hey kid, go home!
Kimba: You promised to take me to the jungle!
Duo: Hurry!
Kimba: Wait! Dammit, they promised!
Shiro!Man: Oh no, the panthers have gotten out of the cage!
Announcement: Everyone, please evacuate the area! Three panthers have escaped from their cages!!
Kenichi: Shiro!
Man: This way's dangerous!
Kenichi: But Shiro is...
Man 2: The black panthers have gone for the back route. Close the back gates immediately!
Man 3: Now not even an ant could crawl outta here!
no way outBalibo: That way's not possible. We can't get out.
Duo: Damn...
Zobia: Let's force our way out!
Duo: Okay, let's try it!
Kimba: Wait!
Balibo: Get out of the way kid!
Zobia: Go hide in those bushes or something!
Kimba: Listen, we may be able to get out!
Troop Leader: What is it?
Chief of Zoo: Well, it may be nothing big but...
Troop Leader: So what is it?
Chief of Zoo: Um, I just remembered, the subway station is being built...
Troop Leader: Zookeeper! Why didn't you tell us until now... Have another troop go to the subway immediately!
Men: Yes sir!
entranceDuo: What is this?
Kimba: I don't know but...
Balibo: What do you think, Brother?
Kimba: Follow me!
Balibo: That kid is planning on bossing us around!
Duo: Never mind. Hurry!
Zobia: Look at this Brother. It's a huge cave!
Balibo: They'll never find us here!
Kimba: But if we stay here the humans will come!
Balibo: What? There's no one here!
Duo: No, the kid's probably right. The smell of humans is everywhere.
Duo: All right, let's go deeper!
bottom of stairs
furtherBalibo: How ever much we go, it's still dark!
Zobia: Brother, where are you planning on going?
Kimba: Why don't you go to the ocean?
Duo: What?
Kimba: Go the ocean, and sneak inside a ship. My mother said she was taken from the jungle in a ship.
Balibo: By ship you mean that huge thing that brought us here? I see! But how do we get there?
Kimba: I know the smell of the ocean. Even now, there's the slight smell of the ocean!
Duo: That kid may be right.
Kimba: I'm not a kid, I'm Kimba!
Duo: I understand; it's Kimba. Guide us there.
Duo: Wait!
Zobia: What is that sound?
Balibo: Something's coming!

A subway train approaches at full speed. (The Zoo station is a just new addition to the already active subway line.)

Zobia: What is that?
Balibo: Let's get 'em!
pushDuo: Stop!! Zobia! Balibo!

Duo pushes Kimba off the tracks, then jumps to safety himself.
But his brothers have determined to attack the train. They are both hit by the train.hurt
woundedAfter the train has passed, Duo checks on his brothers.

Duo: Come on, pull yourself together!
Zobia: I can't, they got my shoulder.
Balibo: They got my hip. There's no way I could stand.
Duo: Dammit, we came this far...
Man: The train went through, hurry!
Kimba: Humans are coming. We have to hurry!
Duo: Balibo! Zobia!
Zobia: Brother, please go.
Balibo: Please make our wish come true. I beg of you.
Man: I can see something!
Zobia: Brother! Hurry!
Balibo: Brother...
Duo: I understand. I promise I'll get to the jungle. Kimba, let's go!
Kimba: Yes!
The two wounded panthers are found by the armed searchers.
Meanwhile, back above ground...

Man: Near East 10th Station 2 black panthers were captured.
Chief: Where's the last one?
Man: They're still searching for him.
Man 2: There seems to be a white dog with him.
Kenichi: Shiro!
Men: Hey wait! Where are you going? Stop!
down to the subway
closeDuo: Maybe you should go home, Kimba.
Kimba: I promised that I'll go with you! It's a man's promise!
Duo: Okay!
Kimba: Hey, I can smell the ocean!
Duo: Look, it's light! The opening's close!
Kimba: The men are here, let's hurry!
Duo: Kimba, I have to apologize! When you said you were coming to the ocean with us, I thought you would get scared and run away.
Kimba: I wouldn't run away!
Duo: Yeah, you're a great man! Now, we're almost there!
LIGHTA party of searchers are on the opposite side of the tunnel and shine a brilliant searchlight on Duo and Kimba.

Duo: Kimba, hide!!

Duo leaps at the men. He is shot in mid-air.
Kimba: Duo!!Duo!
shotThe men keep their guns fixed on Duo, and seem unconcerned about Kimba approaching.

Kimba: Duo, come on! The ocean's right there!
Duo: Kimba, promise to go the jungle, for us brothers too.
Kimba: Yes I promise.

Duo exhales for the last time.

Kimba: Duo!!!
Kenichi: Don't shoot!Kenichi
safeKenichi: You're okay, Shiro!
From this side of the tunnel, Kimba can see out the tunnel opening to the ocean and the sky. He sees something that no one else sees.awe
visionIn the clouds over the ocean is Panja, Kimba's father.

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