Miscellaneous Kimba Collectibles

The miscellaneous section of the Kimba Vintage Toy Museum. Click on a picture to see more detail.

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Vintage (Pre-1989)

Oversized photo album (13 inches high). On sale here.
Another oversized photo album from the mid-1960s.
Yet another oversized photo album from the same time.
Kimba and Kitty soap boxes. On sale here.
Kimba and Kitty Quartz Alarm Clock, circa 1978.
Custom pin for Lions Club convention, featuring Kimba as drawn by Tezuka.
Children's boots.
Tabletop book rack.
Poster based on the TV show, although drawn by some other artist.
Scarf (or handkerchief). Large picture is a "restoration" of the image printed on the cloth. Original item approximately 13.5 inches square.

Produced for 1989 TV Series

Inflatable ornaments. 3 pictures x 3 colors. On sale here.
Pair of cups, with Kimba, Kitty, Tony, and Coco.
Rice bowls. On sale here.
Tray with Kimba and Kitty. On sale here.

Produced for 1997 Movie

T-shirts, scarves (or handkerchiefs), postcards, and magnets.
Towels, tote bags, pencil boards, rulers, notebooks, pens, pencils, bookmarks, and... more!

Recent Production

Set of Kimba and Kitty china mugs. On sale here.
Kimba and friends curtains. On sale here.
Kimba and Kitty Bowl.
Kimba and Kitty Plate for pasta or salad. On sale here.
Kitty plush/photo frame. On sale here.
Kimba For President button, produced by Right Stuf International in 2000.
Kimba watch.
Kimba and Kitty plush/photo frame.
Enamel pin of Kimba walking.
Enamel pin showing Kimba with silhouette of his father behind him.
Small metal lapel pin; shown here in its blister pack. Manufactured by Banpresto.
Frozen treats, with a refrigerator magnet in every box.
Kimba adhesive bandages ("band-aids"). Apparently featuring pictures of only Panja (Caesar) and Kimba. (Wouldn't someone want to put Bubu on his boo-boo?)
Lace curtain featuring Kimba and Kitty.
Jungle Emperor Towel Set. The larger towel has written on it: "Oh, grow up to be a powerful king of the jungle. Leo, the prince of Panja, the king of the jungle, start a remarkable activity to establish a lasting peace of the jungle."
The smaller towel/washcloth has written on it: "Oh, Leo! Keep the peace of the jungle, and live powerfully and vigorously as the king of the jungle, Panja."
Set of two handpainted resin statues of Kimba and Kitty. Produced in 2002 by the Grieco Collection
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