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Vintage (Pre-1989)

45 RPM records released by Nippon Columbia (top) and Sonorama (middle and bottom).
A 33 RPM record released by Nippon Columbia with themes from Jungle Emperor and three other Tezuka shows.
Symphonic Poem LP. Full orchestral piece arranged by Isao Tomita from his music for Jungle Emperor (Kimba). Also included is a discussion (in Japanese) of each theme and the instrument/character relationships. Nippon Columbia CS-7015, released October 1976. A look at the inside book, and link to buy your own, here.
Jungle Emperor Hit Parade. Original 1967 Japanese LP of songs used in the original series. Music composed by Isao Tomita; unsure if he was involved in making these stereo recordings, but the singers are different from the voices in the show. 15 selections, including opening and closing themes. Released by Nippon Columbia, recently re-released on CD but now out of print. Complete track listing, and link to buy the CD, here.
Jungle Emperor Hit Parade as reissued on LP in March 1978. Nippon Columbia CS-7054. Same contents as on the original LP, above. Complete track listing, and link to buy the recording on CD, here.
Jungle Emperor Symphonic Poem CD. Music arranged by Isao Tomita; CD re-issue of 60's LP. Nippon Columbia 32C35-7528, released 1985.
Original TV Series soundtrack. 22 songs from various episodes. Music by Isao Tomita. Toshiba TOCD-10235, released 1998. Complete track listing here.

Produced for 1989 TV Series

Jungle Emperor Leo "Symphonic Fantasy" CD. Soundtrack music from 1989 TV series, including extended vocal versions of opening and closing themes. Nippon Columbia CC4651, released 1990.

Produced for 1997 Movie

Soundtrack CD for Jungle Emperor Leo movie. Music by Isao Tomita, played by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. Lipop BVCH-1529, released 1997. Complete track listing here.
CD Single, "Close To You" or "Wind Song", from the end credits for the Jungle Emperor Leo movie. Three mixes of the same song. BMG BVDR-1166, released 21 June 1997. Complete track listing, and link to buy your own, here.

Recent Production

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