Vintage Kimba Toys

The vintage toys section of the Kimba Vintage Toy Museum. Click on a picture to see more detail.

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Vintage (Pre-1989)

1960s-vintage jigsaw puzzle showing characters from both the Kimba The White Lion and Leo The Lion TV shows. On sale here.
1960s-vintage Kimba wooden blackboard. An easel stand in the back allows for tabletop use. On sale here.
Change purse featuring Kimba and Kitty. On sale here.
Kimba and Kitty bobble-head figures.
Metal wind-up train. Photos courtesy of the Stephen Daratsos collection.
Child's beach pail.
Another child's sand bucket.
Large jigsaw puzzle. On sale here.
Boxed card game.
Multiple-game set, featuring AstroBoy as well as Kimba.
"Yummy" candy dispenser.
A Kimba battery, to power your toys the right way.
Small (approx. 7 inches wide) leather placemat.
A US toy! (Note the NBC logo on it.) "Magic Slate" type toy; produced by the Saalfield Publishing Company.

Produced for 1989 TV Series

Set of 9 vinyl figures.
Bath set with Kimba hand puppet. On sale here.
Game set. On sale here.
Baby Kimba Plush.
Playset: mask, gun, and target.
Electric (battery powered) Kimba and Lea slide game. Manufactured by Toplay.

Produced for 1997 Movie

Two-sided fans.

Recent Production

Three different ceramic figures: Kimba, Kitty, and Caesar/Leo. On sale here.
Set of vinyl figures: Dan'l, Pauley, Kitty, Kimba, Bucky, Snowene, Caesar.
Kimba and Kitty plush photo frame. The picture of Kimba and Kitty can be replaced with any picture of your choice.
Kimba and Kitty plushes.
   The pair is on sale here.
   Kimba is on sale here.
   Kitty is on sale here.
Baby Kitty plush.
"Jungle Emperor Leo" Stickers.
"Lovely Leo" jigsaw puzzle. Note the non-interlocking pieces.
Lovely Leo Yummy candy dispensers. Kimba, Kitty, and ... who IS that?
Add-on carry strap with Kimba figure. Attach Kimba to your CD player, cell phone... ANY jungle accessory!
Write letters on Kimba stationery. Pink or green with matching envelopes.
Plastic bank depicting a very young looking Kimba.
Small plushes (approximately 4 inches high). Note that Kimba is made with two different facial expressions.
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