Kimba Videos

The videos section of the Kimba Vintage Toy Museum.

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Original 1965 TV Series

Modern Japanese release of original TV series.
Current American video release available. See the front page of this site.
Hong Kong release of Go Ahead Leo (the second series) on Video CD. This is box 5 of a 5-box set containing all 26 episodes. Soundtrack is both original Japanese and Cantonese.
Russian home video.

1989 TV Series

Advertisement for the US release of the 1989 Kimba series (English dubbed). This ad features the same artwork as the first tape to be released.

1997 Movie

Laserdisc release of the 1997 movie, Jungle Emperor Leo, in Japan. Japanese language only. BMG catalog number BVLA-38. Released 21 January 1998.
VideoCD version of the movie.

Other Productions

Kimba The White Lion Symphonic Poem, VHS version.
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