Jungle Emperor 1989 -
The New Adventures of Kimba

Episode Three: Departure

The story in dialog and selected pictures

Episode two ended with Kimba and one of the black leopards almost getting to the ocean, hoping to get on a ship bound for Africa.
ship Kimba runs along the beach, looking at a departing ship. He remembers his mother's last words, telling him he must return to Africa.
Kenichi calls Kimba, and they run back home, unaware they are being followed by a black car. In the car is Kuttah and Bread. Kenichi and Kimba
Kuttah and BreadKuttah: That's the child of the white lion that was known as the "Devil of the Jungle". In two or three years, it could become a huge star in Hollywood. It's a golden egg for sure. The producer said he'll pay any price, but I've just been released. I can't move around too conspicuously. If you get it back for me I'll be very generous with the reward, Bread.

Bread: I understand, Mr. Kuttah.

Back at home, Dr. Ban is on the telephone.

Ban: I see, I'll warn him to try not, um no, to never let it outside... Okay then, I'm very sorry. He hangs up.

Ban: Kenichi!

Ban goes to the room where Kenichi and Kimba are playing.

Ban: You cannot let Shiro out anymore! The phone's been ringing off the hook with complaints!

The telephone rings.

Ban: Arg, again! ... [on the phone] Yes, I'm sorry, yes, yes. [off the phone] God, they say whatever the heck they please!

Dr. Ban
toyKenichi and Kimba play with a stuffed toy that looks like Kimba. Kimba grabs the toy and tears it.

Kenichi: Shiro doesn't seem to act like we can always be together.

Nighttime. The black car drives up to Dr. Ban's home.

Kuttah: Hey, hey, Bread!

Bread: Don't worry, it's a tranquilizer gun.

shoot at toyBread enters the house through a window. In the darkness he mistakes the stuffed toy for Kimba, and shoots it. He goes over to it and realizes his mistake.

Bread: Damn! They're playing with me!

Kimba then jumps at Bread, making him drop the tranquilizer gun. The noise of the commotion wakes up Kenichi and Ban.attack
Kenichi and BanKenichi: Uncle!

Ban: What's going on?

Kenichi: Shiro!

Kimba chases Bread out the window. Bread gets into the black car and Kuttah drives off. Ban picks up the tranquilizer gun.

Ban: Must have been after Shiro.

Kenichi: But who?

Ban: I'd heard that Kuttah got out but maybe...

Kenichi calls Kimba, who had been chasing the car.

Kenichi: You chased him away huh? Wow, you are indeed a lion!

Ban: Just as I thought.

The next day, Ban is at a government office.

Man: Come now, just wait a while please.

Ban: Wait a while? It's been over a year! I cannot wait anymore!

Man: Just a sec, I...

Ban: That no good Kuttah is after it again! If it stays like this we can't be sure what'll happen at night.

Man: It's been decided to send him to the Safari Park in Africa!

Ban: Huh? Why didn't you say so earlier?

Man: You wouldn't let me!

phone call Ban calls Kenichi with the news.

Kenichi: Hello, Ban residence. Oh Uncle? ... What really?

Ban: That's right, the person in charge was being mean and wouldn't tell me! ... Yes, around tomorrow they're going to come to take him, so don't let Shiro out!

Kenichi: It's been decided you're going to the Safari Park in Africa. It's better than the zoo, but I don't want to leave you.telling Kimba
Bread again A little while later, a van pulls up to Ban's house.

Delivery guy: I'm with City Hall. It's been decided that your lion cub is going to the zoo, so I'm here to pick it up.

Kenichi: What? The zoo? That's odd. Uncle was saying it was the Safari Park in Africa.

Delivery Guy: Uh... yes, the Safari Park. If you go there, it's a natural zoo you see.

Kenichi: But I should wait til Uncle gets home.

Delivery Guy: I'm told to hurry.

Kenichi: I see. Shiro, come here!

Kimba comes down the stairs, and recognizes Bread is the delivery guy.

Kenichi: What's the matter, Shiro?

Bread: Okay come on, come now.

Kimba lunges, and scratches Bread's hand.

Kenichi: Stop it, Shiro! What's the matter with you Shiro!

Bread: Kid, is this any way to tame an animal?!

Kenichi: Wh-what are you doing?

whipBread produces a whip and attacks both Kenichi and Kimba.

Bread: God you're being a handful. If you're this bloodthirsty you're not gonna become a big Hollywood star! I'll teach you good starting now!

Just then, Ban arrives. Ban and Kimba both attack Bread.

Bread runs and Kimba gives chase. Kuttah drives the truck up and Bread jumps on.

Ban attacks
safeBan: Kenichi! Are you all right?

Kenichi: Yes. The person from City Hall all of a sudden...

Ban: What City Hall? It's gotta be one of Kuttah's men, no doubt! *ouch* It's been a while since I exercised that much.

Kenichi: Uncle, I'm worried, so can I go as far as the Safari Park too?

Ban: Well, I guess it can't be helped.

Kenichi: Really? Yeah, all right!

The scene shifts to the airport and Kimba is loaded onto the plane in a crate.

Ban: How tough it is when it's actually time to say goodbye. But there was no other choice since you grew so much.

On the plane, Kenichi thinks as if he is talking to Kimba through the floor of the plane.

Kenichi: Shiro, don't be upset.

A stewardess approaches.

Kenichi: Excuse me.

Stewardess: Yes?

Kenichi: Where is the cargo room?

Stewardess: I'd say about right below your feet. That's a really cute lion you have.

Kenichi: Thanks! [thinks] Shiro, only a while longer! In a little while, we're going to be in your homeland, Africa! I'm so glad, Shiro!

The camera pulls back and we see Bread is on the airplane, too, in disguise.

on the plane
at the African airportThe plane lands in Africa. Kenichi looks for Kimba.

Kenichi: Uh, I wonder where the quarantine inspection area is?

Bread approaches him.

Bread: I'll take you there.

Kenichi: Uh... ok...

Bread: I'm zoologist Professor Plum.

Kenichi: I'm Kenichi. I'm here with my friend, a lion. A person from the Safari Park is meeting me in the quarantine inspection area.

Bread: Well what a coincidence. I'm about to go the Safari Park for a research on lions. I've been there many times.

Kenichi: Then I can go with you!

A while later, Kimba and Kenichi are in the back of a pickup truck. Bread is in the cab with the driver, Ralph.

Ralph: That's a great disguise, a professor!

Bread: Not so loud! He'll hear us in the back! Ralph, how did you manage to squeeze in at the Safari Park?

Ralph: If Kuttah tells me to do something, I have to do it. I guess the arrangement at the harbor is complete.

Bread: Then shall we go straight through the savanna to the harbor?

Ralph: What do we do with the kid?

Bread: It's a big savanna. If one child disappears, it wouldn't surprise anyone.

Ralph: You're scary.

in the back of the truckKenichi: Shiro, this is the savanna! This is the Africa you dreamed of!

Kimba remembers his mother's voice.

Eliza: Under those clouds is Africa.

Leo: I have come back to Africa!

Eliza: Leo, take after your father and become a great lion!

Ralph: Wanna do it soon?

Bread: That's fine.

Suddenly, the pickup truck is attacked.

Ralph: It's poachers!

wardenThe local game warden drives up and scares the poachers off.

Game warden: Are you okay? Was anyone hurt?

Ralph: Damn! It's the game warden! This is getting messy.

Bread: Dammit.

Game warden: You seem to be carrying a rare white lion, and we wouldn't want something to happen again, so I'll guard you.

Bread: Thanks for the help.

Game warden: Poor thing, we've got less and less wild animals in Africa as it is. They're going to become extinct soon if continues like this.

Bread: [to Kuttah] Oh well, I guess we'll have to do something at the Safari Park.

The crooks drive to the safari park escorted by the game warden.

Man: There is a 24-hour watch here to protect against poachers and other dangers. Of course there is plenty for the animals to eat. There is no better place for animals to live than here. You don't have to worry.

Kenichi: But, Shiro--I mean the animals don't have freedom.

Man: Freedom? But son, compared to safety, freedom is secondary.

Bread: Well, this park is indeed a paradise for animals.

Man: Yes, yes, you're right.

Bread: I'm Professor Plum.

Man: Welcome. This is your first time isn't it?

Kenichi: What?

Bread: Uh, well, I've been here once before, a long time ago.

Man: Oh I see, I'm sorry.

Bread: Um, I'd like to use your phone.

Man: That's strange, I usually remember anyone I've met.

safari park office
BreadBread: Hello, this is Professor Plum. ... No no, that's right. The white lion is in the Safari Park right now. ... I'm sorry, a lot has happened. ... No, that's not an excuse! ... What, you're leaving tomorrow? ... I understand. I'll do something by tonight.

Kenichi sees the scratches on Bread's hand.

Kenichi: Oh! It's him!

The scene shifts to where Kimba and some other animals are caged. There is a wildebeest with a bandaged leg who is struggling to stand.

Wildebeest: Damn.

Leo: Are you okay?

Wildebeest: I messed it up again. And I was just about to climb over the mountain too. ... Hey, hey, don't look at me so pitying. Where are you from?

Leo: From really far away. I was with humans for a long time.

Wildebeest: I see, you were raised by humans.

Leo: What? "Raised by"?

Wildebeest: Now you'll be caged and fed and displayed all your life.

Leo: It can't be. This is Africa, where my father used to be!

Wildebeest: Father?

Leo: My father was a white lion named Panja.

Wildebeest: Panja? Now that I think about it, you have a white body too!

KimbaLeo: You know my father?

Wildebeest: Of course I know him! He was very brave, He protected animals with his life from being shot or caught by humans. If you are Panja's child, then you cannot stay here. You'll be displayed to humans all your life!

Leo: What?

Wildebeest: Whatever way possible, get out of here and go to the jungle!

Leo: Then this is not the jungle?

Wildebeest: God no! The jungle where Panja lived was a wonderful free place!wildebeest
Bread and RalphBread and Ralph are plotting.

Bread: Tomorrow morning??

Ralph: Kuttah demands impossible things, as usual.

Bread: If it's gonna be like this then we can't help getting a little rough.

Bread brandishes a gun. Kenichi is watching.

Kenichi runs to Kimba's cage and breaks open the lock with a rock.

Kenichi: Shiro! You're in danger if you stay here! Those guys! They're working for Kuttah! Escape now!

at gunpointMeanwhile, Bread makes his move.

Man: W-who are you guys?

Bread: Shut up! Just hand over the keys!

Kenichi: Come on now!

Leo: Mister?

Wildebeest: My legs are hurt. Never mind and go! Let's meet again in Panja's woods someday!

Leo: We'd better! It's a promise!

Kenichi: Shiro, what are you doing? Hurry up!

escapedRalph: Oh no, it's escaped!

Bread: Crap! We're not going to let it run away!

They chase Kenichi and Kimba in their truck.

They overtake Kimba and Kenichi.

Kenichi: Shiro, don't worry about me and go!

in the headlights of the truck
jump at truckInstead, Kimba leaps at the truck, surprising Ralph, making him lose control. The truck rolls over.
A helicopter shows up and spots the crooks in its searchlight.

Voice from helicopter: Don't move! Put down your weapons!

Bread: Damn.

Bread shoots at the helicopter. The pilot knocks him down with the helicopter's runner.

climbing rocksLater, the helicopter finds Kenichi and Kimba.

Voice from helicopter: Kenichi, you can relax now, we've arrested the two men. So come down now!

Kenichi: Shiro, what do you want to do?

Kimba goes forward.

Kenichi: You're right. You should live freely in a bigger place.

final farewellThey keep going. The sun starts to rise.

Kenichi: Shiro, gotta say goodbye here. Now, go on! Shiro, run! Go the jungle! Don't look back! ... ... Shiro... Goodbye!

Later, the game warden is driving Kenichi to the airport.

Game warden: You may have felt you freed the lion cub, but learning to live in the wild is going to be terribly hard for it.

Kenichi: If it's Shiro, then he can do it.

Game warden: I hope so. ... We'll be at the airport soon. Come back again sometime.

Kenichi: Yes!

to airport
Kimba runningWe see Kimba running through tall grass.

Leo: Something's calling me. Something!

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