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As translated from the Japanese, "Mama became a star".
Caesar and Kimba. A scene that never happened, but popular on merchandise.
Kimba and his mother on board the ship (in the first episode).
A scene from Kimba's dream of his parents.
Here's a neat picture from the CD reissue of the Kimba Symphonic Poem. (Makes great Windows wallpaper!)
Nice pose from the episode "Battle at Dead River".
Closeup of Kimba running.
Kimba running right at you!
Kimba versus Claw.
This is Kimba and Kitty with cubs of their own, from the Leo The Lion series.
This is a small picture, but a moving one.
This is probably my favorite pose from the 1997 movie.
In honor of Kimba's 60th birthday (check it out--Tezuka's manga first appeared in 1950!), a bit of history.
By request: A former Welcome screen for this site.
Kimba's new friend: a tiger cub.

Kitty gets her own page of pictures.

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