Kimba Movies, TV Sequel, and other Kimba Productions

After the success of the original Kimba the White Lion/Jungle Emperor TV series, there have been two Kimba movies (in 1966 and 1997), a sequel TV series (known in English as Leo The Lion), a made-for-video film (The Symphonic Poem), an entirely different version on TV in 1989-1990 (known in English as The New Adventures of Kimba), and a new TV production in 2009. Below you'll find links to pages about each one, and links to buy the DVDs, if there are any.     Kimba through the years
about the 1966 movie 1966 movie The 1966 Theatrical Movie, Jungle Emperor
about the Leo the Lion series
Leo the Lion on DVD
Leo the Lion The 1966 TV Sequel to Kimba, Leo the Lion
about the 1989 New Adventures 1989 New Adventures The 1989 TV series, The New Adventures of Kimba
about the Symphonic Poem
Symphonic Poem
Symphonic Poem The Symphonic Poem
about the 1997 movie
the 1997 movie on DVD
1997 movie The 1997 Theatrical Movie, Jungle Emperor Leo
about the newest Kimba TV movie
the 2009 movie on DVD
2009 TV The 2009 TV production, Jungle Emperor: The Brave Change the Future

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